Book keeping & Company Accounts

All companies must produce annual accounts for the tax authorities. All limited companies must also file accounts at Companies House, which comply in form and substance with the Companies Act.

Annual accounts are a measure of the current financial health of your business and are an important tool for management and understanding the status of your company. Being able to compare your accounts with original budgets enables you to manage and focus your business better. Good accounts help you to identify favourable or adverse trends in your business, and to highlight any variation in your income or spending which could need special or urgent attention.

The preparation of accurate accounts depends on good bookkeeping and maintaining proper payroll and VAT records. Howard Frank can assist you and your business here by:

  • Preparing your annual company accounts.
  • Preparing periodic management accounts.
  • Setting up and keeping your books.
  • Establishing and maintaining payroll records (PAYE, national insurance and pension contributions).
  • Preparing VAT returns and dealing with Customs and Excise.