Howard Frank is a two partner firm run by Paul Kleinman FCA and Jason Bennett ACA.

There are over 14 staff employed at their North London office, ranging from qualified accountants to trainee bookkeepers.

In addition there is a dedicated payroll bureau and a German speaking accounts department.

Supplementing the accounting departments is a specialist tax department, headed by a former Inland Revenue officer. Our tax department can advise on all issues from personal taxation to capital gains tax to inheritance tax. We are also there to assist on all facets of corporate tax planning, be it review of employment contracts to advice on compliance with CIS taxes.

We can also draw on the knowledge of consultant staff to advise us in the areas of:

  • VAT compliance and investigation
  • Overseas personal and corporate tax
  • Investment advice

In summary, Howard Frank has the set up of a large firm, but with the personal touch you expect from a North London firm.